Programme Activities

The organization is currently operating in some selected rural communities within Tamale Metropolis and Savulugu/Nantong District in Northern Ghana and has since its inception actively focused its activities on the following programmes:


picture7 (210K)Education is the key to a brighter future for children and is therefore of high priority to Maltiti Child Foundation (MCF).

This is why MCF came up with an end of term school award programme in five selected schools within the Tamale Rural Communities to encourage the children and to motivate them to do their very best in school.

These pupils are selected based on their performances in the end of term exams in their various schools, and it comprises the 1st in the class from (P1through 6)


  • School Monitoring and Visits
  • End of term school award to deserving students as motivation
  • Extra Evening classes for Basic School Children
  • Foreign Volunteer Teacher placement in selected Basic schools
  • Inter schools Quiz and Competitions
  • A school project at Jana Community
  • The Goat Project


picture12 (107K)This programme support rural women groups with skills training and direct investment to enhance and improve upon their economic activities including processing and preservation of agricultural produce.


  • Micro- credit facility (Loans) for women
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills training for women

(The Children's Club project)

The project seeks to ensure that child labour, abuses and exploitations are eliminated; it will seek to involve children in all forms of consultations and trainings that are aimed at empowering them to advocate for their rights by themselves, thereby enhancing their welfare. In particular, the project will guarantee the rights of children to education, health and other forms of leisure as stipulated in the national and international protocols.

Members of the club advocates for children's rights through:

  • Live social drama and traditional dance performances;
  • Radio programmes;
  • Debates and Poem recitals on issues affecting children
  • General Moral talks and Career Guidance Counseling sessions
  • Organizing Children funfairs (Games & Entertainments)


MCF regards collaboration as an invaluable tool in ensuring effective operation. Therefore, the organization establishes linkages with other Institutions and Organizations with similar objectives for the promotion of its mission. Some of these institutions include:

  • The Metro and District Assemblies. (Tamale and Karaga)
  • Northern Network For Education Development (NNED)
  • Northern Ghana Network For Development (The Network)
  • Northern Region Coalition on Gender,
  • The Coalition on Child Rights

And other institutions like the Department of Community Development and Ghana National Commission on Children and many other NGOs including Volunteer Service Departments.