About MCF

picture7 (210K)MALTITI CHILD FOUNDATION, which is also known as MCF, is a voluntary and community based outreach organization, registered in Ghana with an authorized business to engaged in lobbying and advocacy for Child Rights and development.

The term Maltiti is a common phrase in Northern Ghana meaning
"Support us to Develop".

MCF became fully incorporated in January 2005, through the efforts of Ibrahim Abdallah (Prince).

The need for establishing this organization was found after a regional participatory research appraisal, of the trend of events in Northern Ghana and the World at large.

The core issues, with particular reference to the plight of rural children who are marginalized and deprived of basic rights and necessities, required for their social upbringing and livelihood. Since urban children enjoy the prospects of good livelihood from good urban amenities and social infrastructure to the neglect of rural children, MCF seek to bridge this gap to a minimum by advocating for support to the rural child through a number of programs and activities.

This includes awareness creation, lobbying for the provision of educational materials, access to quality basic education and encourages enhanced vocational training. This will enable them to become responsible citizens and meaningfully participate in social and economic programs in their rural Communities.

Our Vision

“To make child rights realizable and practicable by all children, especially deprived and underprivileged children in northern Ghana”.

Mission Statement

MCF exists to promote and facilitate the development and well-being of marginalized and deprived children and women in rural communities of northern Ghana through:

  • Advocacy on child rights and development
  • Awareness creation on the plight of the rural child
  • Education and encourage training in traditional vocations and
  • Networking with other organs with similar objectives.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To create awareness in rural communities on the rights of children for quality basic education, better health and nutrition, protection from the effect of drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, child abuse and all social vices.
  2. To encourage and support parents and children through activities designed to sensitize and motivate children to stay in school, and learn traditional vocational skills for better livelihood.
  3. To establish linkages with other organizations with similar objectives for the promotion of the mission of MCF.