Current activities run by the organisation

End of Term School Award Programme

picture7 (210K)Education is the key to a brighter future for children and is therefore of high priority to Maltiti Child Foundation (MCF).

This is why MCF came up with an end of term school award programme in five selected schools within the Tamale Rural Communities to encourage the children and to motivate them to do their very best in school.

These pupils are selected based on their performances in the end of term exams in their various schools, and it comprises the 1st in the class from (P1through 6)

After School Classes:

As part of efforts to ensure equal opportunity to quality basic education for all children, MCF has initiated an extra evening classes for basic school children from Nursery to primary six within the Gumani community from Monday through Friday, which has attracted so many serious, active, determined and hard working children, to supplement the insufficient time for studies at school, since most of the schools within the community are English and Arabic schools.

The child living in a deprived area is seen as an individual who can play a greater role to the development of Ghana in the near future, but he/she is marginalized due to social and economic circumstances.

However, every ordinary or prominent person has passed through the stages of life from being a child with tender care and upbringing to reach the stage he/she has gained.

  • The MCF children's club project

    The MCF Children's Club is a child rights advocacy club, made up of Registered Basic School Children between the ages of 9 and 14 years from various communities and schools.
    The aim of the project is to empower the club members to advocate for the fundamental rights of children, as well as boost upon the educational moral and social values of children through education and information sharing.
    The club since its inception has been undertaking human resource development trainings such as:

    -Reading and writing skills

    -Lectures on the Basic Rights of Children in the context of the Children's Act 560 in the 1992 constitution of Ghana

    -Debate and Poem recitals;

    -Music, Cultural Dance and Social Drama; and

    -General Moral talk shows.

    These activities serve as a tool to help the members to be well informed, fluent, creative and innovative for efficient service delivery.


    As part of MCF's commitment to ensuring access to quality basic education for rural children in deprived community schools, it has adopted a more sustainable strategy towards the supply of educational support materials by implementing a pilot project dubbed "Take Good Care of ME and I will help you Tomorrow". Under this project selected children will each be donated a she-goat to take care of. The offspring of the goat will be sold with the proceeds used to support the education of the child.
    This is a project MCF believes bear a sustainable means of generating income in the short to medium term impact in changing the livelihood of deprived children which will go a long way to enhance development at the grass root level thereby enhancing socio-economic status of the family of the needy child and also has the tendency to bridge the gap between deprived basic school pupils and urban school pupils for access to quality basic education and improvement in academic performance
    Fifteen (15) needy children have been selected for the pilot project.

Establishment of a Day Care Center:

In October 2007, MCF in collaboration with Jana, a predominantly farming rural community in the Savelugu District, established a school project. This community has no school infrastructure, compelling children at the ages of 4 and 5 years to walk for a distance of about one and a half miles to school in other communities, this has prone most of the children to dangers such has the bit of reptiles, road accidents where most of these children are already victims.

MCF as a child well fare promotion entity therefore, has initiated the school project in that community as a way of bringing quality basic education closer to the door step of the vulnerable and underprivileged child. The school has a current enrolment of 52 registered children.

Women support Group:

A group of 30 women are benefiting from a loan project under the auspices of the Ghanaian Danish Community Association (GDCA) a micro-credit service organization in Tamale. This is MCF initiative as a way to enhance the socio-economic status of the women from the Nyanshegu North community to enable them takes care of the basic needs of their children's education.